One of the most common injuries among martial arts professionals is the tear of ligaments during stretching and exercises. So the question is how can you reduce your chances of injury while performing a workout. To answer the question we compare our body to rubber. When cold rubber is losing its elasticity and chances of rupture is relatively high to the situation where it warmed up.

  Our bodies behave in the same way as rubber. When we are cold, any stretch of muscle can tear it apart and cause irreversible damage. As a result, before stretching, efforts should be made for 5 to 15 minutes in order to warm up those areas that will be overloaded.

Suppose that we are interested in performing stretching of the legs in favor of making of stretching. A series of exercises should be performed in order to warm the legs. Ankles, etc. After a quarter of an hour of warm-up, we go to perform focused stretching exercises and perform lateral and parallel loads of the legs standing and sitting. After making about fifteen minutes exercises through our body we can go through for the help of friends. That is, the use of physical force to stretch legs.